3 Reasons to Choose Assisted Living Rather Than a Group Home for Your Senior Loved One

3 Reasons to Choose Assisted Living Rather Than a Group Home for Your Senior Loved One

If you’ve done any kind of research on the type of assisted living you or your loved one might require, you’ve most likely run across websites or resources for group homes. There are many types of senior living options, and assisted living and group homes are often confused with each other. Since they can be very different, it’s important to do your research and make the most educated choice for the best living situation for the senior in your life.

Group homes have their merits, but here are three reasons you should choose assisted living rather than a group home.

1. Size Matters

Group homes tend to be smaller, with maybe 5 to 10 residents, while assisted living could have as many as 100 people living in the same community. A social person might be excited to live with more people around them. You’ll be able to spend time with people no matter when or where you want to hang out.

A more introverted person might feel a little more cautious about this, but the good thing about assisted living at Solterra Senior Living is that there are separate apartments for each resident, so you can close your door if you need some alone time.

2. Living Situation Options

Typically, in a group home, you will have your own room and perhaps your own bathroom, but the rest of the living space will be shared. Think of it like a house with many roommates.

Assisted living is more like apartment living, so you’ll have your own private bedroom, bathroom, and living quarters. You might even have your own small kitchen. Also, consider that as you age, it may be difficult to stay in a group home if they don’t provide 24-hour care, the way an assisted living community does. At an assisted living community, such as Solterra Senior Living, you can age in place and simply add features to your personalized care plan as you need them.

3. Cost

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes our choices come down to the bottom line. A group home can be a little more expensive since there are fewer people living in the home, whereas an assisted living community is much larger. However, it’s important to note that when you choose an assisted living community, you won’t sacrifice the quality of your care for a lower dollar amount.

Also, there is always financial assistance available through communities like Solterra, including veterans’ benefits. Since group homes tend to be smaller, they may not have the ability to provide financial aid for their residents. This isn’t to say that it’s impossible to find a group home with a lower monthly payment than assisted living, but financial aid may not be readily available.

Be sure when you or the senior in your life starts looking at group homes and assisted living to go on tours, ask to see floor plans and vacant apartments, and ask as many questions as you can. This is an important choice to make, and you want your senior to be as safe and happy as possible. Contact Solterra today to set up a tour.