3 Tips for Elderly Fall Prevention

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Senior Health | 0 comments

No one likes to fall, but that doesn’t stop it from happening to countless seniors each year. Seniors aged 65 and over are more likely to fall than the average adult, and those falls often lead to serious injuries. Broken bones, head injuries, and fractures are often the result of seniors falling, which can then lead to even more health problems or in worst-case scenarios, immobility. The best way to avoid elderly falls is through prevention.

Prevention is the best way to battle a fall and the health issues that can accompany one, and can be done more easily with a few simple tips. These tips include ways that you can help yourself as well as ways that you can receive help from places like Solterra Senior Living.

Here are some helpful tips for elderly fall prevention:

1. Stay Active

Maintaining physical activity can be a great way to prevent elderly falls. As we age our bodies don’t work exactly like they once did, but maintaining physical health through activity is a way to maintain as much mobility as possible.

Getting involved in physical activities such as water aerobics, group workout classes, or even daily walks can help seniors maintain flexibility and decrease their likelihood of falling. Physical activity can also increase agility in the elderly, allowing them to better navigate their body should they fall.

When you live in a senior community like Solterra Senior Living you’ll be able to partake in group social and recreational activities that can help you in your efforts to stay active.

2. Safeguard Your Environment

Aside from where you fall, what you fall on can also play a part in how serious or not the injuries sustained will be. Rugs and loose carpet are among the top reasons for senior falls, as are narrow and cluttered spaces. For this reason one of the best ways to prevent elderly falling is to safeguard your environment.

When you live in a senior living community you’ll be surprised at how much thought goes into the layout of the space. Wide hallways, and carefully designed living quarters help to prevent unnecessary falling for residents of the community. Still, there are things that can be done on a more personal level. Ridding your room or home of rugs is a good place to start.

Also keeping your living space clean and free of miscellaneous things on the floor can be helpful. Senior communities can provide housekeeping services that can assist you with maintaining a tidy and safe living space.

3. Continue Health Checkups

Your later years are not the time to forgo regular doctor visits. On the contrary, there is no better time to stay on top of those appointments and attend them without fail. At these checkups, doctors can test your eyesight as well as your hearing which can both be linked to increased risk of falling. This can allow seniors to be aware of their odds and more careful in when and how they do things.

Doctors can also keep an eye on the medications you’re taking and the side effects you may experience. With their help you can stay on top of your health, and work to prevent falls from happening.

Solterra Senior Living can be there for your loved one and has safeguards in place to prevent falls as much as they can. Give us a call or visit our website to set an appointment for a tour and let us show you what makes our community special!