3 Tips for Staying In Touch With Family When You Live in Senior Living in Arizona

3 Tips for Staying In Touch With Family When You Live in Senior Living in Arizona

One big concern that people face when moving into senior living in Arizona is that they are worried they will become disconnected from their friends and family. It may feel like you are being removed from the life you knew and the ease and convenience with which you were able to see your friends and family. But this isn’t true and definitely shouldn’t be the case. Senior living in Arizona is your new home, and you can still keep in touch with friends and family just as much as you did. Here are three tips for staying in touch with family when you live in senior living in Arizona.

1. Choose a Senior Living That’s Not Far From Home

When going through different senior living communities, pay attention to the location. See how far it is from where your family lives and consider how long the drive will take (both when there is and isn’t traffic). If the drive is long and one that you don’t think your family will be able to make frequently, you may want to look at a senior living community that is closer to them. When the location is closer and the drive easier to make, family and friends are more likely to visit you more often. For instance, if your children live in Arizona, it’s a good idea to opt for senior living in Arizona.

2. Choose a Senior Living That Has Plenty of Activities

Most senior living communities have activities for their residents, but many also have events and activities that families of residents can attend too. By choosing senior living that encourages and invites family members to join residents at dinners, celebrations, and other events, you’re choosing a community that makes it easy for your family to support you and stay in touch.
Additionally, consider a senior living community that offers transportation. You can utilize this to meet your family in town to go out to eat or enjoy a day of shopping.

3. Schedule a Time Each Day or Week to Call.

Set a schedule with your family when you move into a senior living community. It may not be possible for them to visit you daily, but maybe on the days they don’t come, they can call you at a certain time. Or maybe if your family lives a bit farther away, you have a scheduled phone date at a certain time on a specific day. There are also many options for video calls these days if you have access to a tablet, cell phone, or computer. By scheduling these touch bases, you can keep up with your loved ones regularly.
At Solterra Senior Living in Arizona, we strongly encourage the families of our residents to come to visit and take part in our activities. We know how important it is to our residents to be surrounded by their loved ones. Come take a tour and learn more.