Our Vision

Solterra will be the provider of the highest possible quality of life for all those we serve.

Guiding Values

Have Fun!, Deliver What You Promise, Service Excellence Embrace Change & Grow,Everyone Matters, Do the Right Thing,Communicate Openly and Honestly

Our Mission

To ensure our customers, family and our team members Live Well.

At Solterra Senior Living, our mission is to ensure our residents, their families and our team members Live Well. We are committed to serving our guests with loving care by addressing the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and enhancing their quality of life for the duration of their stay in our communities. Our commitment to making a long term difference in the way we care for our parents, friends and loved ones stems from our own personal values and experiences.

We are a privately held and self-managed owner and operator of four communities in Arizona and Colorado. We are in business to ensure the individual well-being of each one of our special guests is promoted and upheld with the highest degree of integrity and respect. As such, we are uniquely able to deliver on our promises to you and your loved ones.

Translated literally from their Spanish roots, the words Sol, or Sun, and Terra, meaning Earth, unite beneath Solterra’s rising sun icon/logo to convey the sense of a new arising and hope to prospective residents and family members and to remind us all to Live Well every day. Our goal is to remind our residents, their family members and our team members of this simple directive…that to live is not enough, but to Live Well, and to help others do the same, is why we are all here. The Solterra “Live Well” brand is a constant reminder and is what unites the company, the community and our residents. Live Well