Memory & Dementia Care

Person-centered care is the goal of the program. Caregivers are aware of each guest’s personal history, allowing conversations to flow with ease. Guests are encouraged to bring familiar belongings to make them feel comfortable and our team use validation techniques to accept the guest’s reality, creating a safe, comfortable and caring environment. Assisting guests by observing personal preferences during completion of activities of daily living builds a trusting relationship between the individual and the team. We present opportunities for seniors to live life to its fullest while providing for their needs at every stage of memory loss.

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care require special expertise. Solterra Senior Living is dedicated to improving the quality of life for guests and their families who are faced with these diseases. Our unique approach to personalized care begins with our highly qualified, compassionate team. Caregivers are specially trained in the disease process associated with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. Training includes understanding the emotional and physical distress individuals may experience due to the challenges presented with activities of daily living.