Solterra Is Helping Seniors Stay Healthy During COVID-19

Solterra Is Helping Seniors Stay Healthy During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is frightening to many people around the world, but it’s understandably especially frightening to older people and those with older relatives. The virus caused by the novel coronavirus is dangerous to people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and income levels, but the highest mortality rates are seen in older individuals. This is especially true as Arizona and the rest of the Southwest United States faces a challenging breakout approaching the levels of the one that afflicted New York and New Jersey early on during the pandemic.

As a community home to many seniors, COVID-19 safety is of paramount importance to us at Solterra. We want to make it clear that we are committed to keeping our community as safe as possible during this trying time.

Seniors, COVID-19 and Safety

Here are just some of the ways Solterra is committing to keeping our senior residents safe and sound during the coronavirus outbreak.

Mandatory Masks

Far and away the most effective way to minimize COVID-19 spread is social distancing. As we learn more about how the virus is spread,  it is thought to be commonly spread by airborne particles released when you talk, cough, or otherwise breathe, and that these particles can remain in the air for significant periods of time, even after a person has left the room. Poor ventilation can also increase how long these aerosolized particles linger in the air.

Let’s put it plainly: in Arizona, during the summer, air conditioning is a necessity. However, we are committed to airing out common areas as much as possible to remove lingering aerosols.

There is also something else that can be done: mandating masks in any public area. While aerosolized particles are small enough to get through most consumer-grade masks, the water droplets that carry them when a person breathes are not. This means that someone who has COVID-19 (but who may be unaware of it or asymptomatic) and is wearing a mask is significantly less likely to spread it. The chance goes down further when everyone is wearing a mask, meaning the virus must pass through masks twice.

Social Distancing

Masks alone may not be enough to prevent the spread of a contagious virus. However, when paired with proper social distancing practices, it is very unlikely for the virus to spread. Solterra staff and residents are all asked to maintain social distancing, keeping at least six feet away from anyone you do not share a residence with. This reduces the number of water droplets people can inhale from others.


As our knowledge of the virus grows, we’ve learned it seems that COVID-19 is spread via surfaces much less than was initially thought some months ago. However, we are taking every precaution to protect seniors from COVID-19. We are regularly disinfecting surfaces and any package deliveries, and we encourage everyone to wash their hands fully and refrain from touching their faces.

This is a very difficult time. But with the help of our wonderful Solterra community, we will ensure that we all stay safe from COVID-19.