Talking to Parents About Memory Care

by | Mar 12, 2023 | Memory Care | 0 comments

Is your parent beginning to show signs of cognitive decline? If so, it may be time to have a conversation with them about memory care. Though this is a difficult conversation, there are ways to guide the conversation so your loved one feels supported through the transition.

If you are struggling to know how to initiate this conversation, you are not alone. Rather than avoiding the issue altogether, learn how to talk to your parents with a gentle, honest, and understanding approach. 

Below we have some great tips on how to talk to your parents and ease their transition to Chandler memory care:

Create a Support Team

This is a difficult time for everyone. Reach out to siblings, other family members, and friends you can rely on for extra support. Your parents will need extra care, security, and comfort from all who love them, and you will need the same support you provide for your parents. Responsibilities can be shared and a united support team can help make important decisions regarding your parent’s well-being.

Be an Active Listener

When first talking to your parents, make sure to ground the conversation in empathy. The best way to do this is by being an active listener, which includes validation statements, rephrasing what you hear, and asking clarifying questions.

When your parent shares their feelings, affirm these feelings with statements such as: “I understand your frustration” or “I know this change is hard.” Validate their feelings and ask questions that encourage them to open up and share their perspective. “What about memory care is making you feel sad?” or “What are your concerns about making this move?” 

Allow them to share their feelings, then rephrase their statements back to them. This allows them to feel your love and support while you understand how to help them with the transition. It also shows you are listening, but allows them an opportunity to clarify if there were any misunderstandings. Clear, open, and honest communication without judgment is key to helping your parents through this adjustment.

Once you hear their concerns, focus on reminding them of the benefits of memory care and how it will improve their quality of life. Remember to reassure them you will visit frequently and they are not alone.

Include Them in the Planning

Do everything you can to include your parents in planning the move. Schedule a visit to the senior living community so they can familiarize themself before making them move.

Moving is hard no matter the circumstances, so create a familiar and comfortable environment. Make sure to involve them as much as possible. This will help your parents maintain some control of the process and allow them to choose what will make them comfortable in a new environment. What mementos and photos do they like? Let them choose what they want to take to their new home. What are their favorite songs? Create a playlist of their favorites, and invite them into the process.

When the time is right, schedule a visit. Solterra Senior Living is a resort-like community located in the beautiful desert of Chandler, Arizona. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to compassionate and quality care for your loved one 24 hours a day. Schedule a visit at Chandler memory care and learn how your parents can live well at every stage of memory loss.