What Training Do I Need to Be an Assisted Living Certified Caregiver?


If you’re looking to become an assisted living certified caregiver, there are some things you should first know about the requirements. Certified caregivers typically take care of the elderly or those who are disabled. The American Caregiver Association (ACA) is the Official National Certifying and Accrediting organization for caregiver and assisted living managers in the United States. Within the caregiving profession, certification with the ACA is looked upon highly. This means that it can positively increase your employment opportunities and provide you with room to grow as an assisted living certified caregiver. It’s a good idea to first check with the ACA to see if their training is a fit for you.

What training do you need to become an assisted living certified caregiver?

Required Education

There is an education requirement to become a certified caregiver. That required education level is a high school diploma or a GED.

Check Your State Requirements

Each state has different requirements to become an assisted living certified caregiver. It’s important to investigate what these requirements are so you know the exact training you’ll need to become certified.

Look into Training Courses

Above, we mentioned the ACA as an option for you to check out. However, there may also be state training available to you and held in-person close to your house. Organizations such as the American Red Cross, local colleges, and vocational schools are good places to look. These courses do tend to cost a fee and last around six to eight weeks (however, all of this may vary).

Take and Pass Required Examination

The goal of the training course is to prepare you for the examination, which, if you pass, will certify you to become an assisted living certified caregiver. Some states may require a specific state test you must take rather than a generic one, so be sure to do your research.

Job Application

Just like every other job, you will need to fill out a job application to the assisted living community you’re interested in working at. This will require you to have an up-to-date resume as well as a cover letter (in most cases) stating your qualifications and why you’re interested in working there.

Further Requirements/Training

Each assisted living community is different, which means that each one may have different requirements and training that you need to complete once you have the job. These additional requirements and certifications commonly include first aid certification, CPR certification, a clean background check, a drug test, and a state competency exam.

As you can see, to become an assisted living certified caregiver, you must first do your research and find out what the requirements are in your state. For the most part, you will need to have the proper education requirements, have completed accredited training, and have passed the required examination.

If you’re interested in working as an assisted living certified caregiver, contact us today and learn about any openings we have here at Solterra Senior Living.